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Elite Mitigation and Restoration Group (EMRG) are developing a network of high quality, like-minded mitigation and restoration contractors throughout Canada.

Our rigorous screening process and highest industry standards are developing a network that is relied upon to respond quickly, efficiently, and provide industry leading value for all categories of property damage. National branding representing ourselves to create a positive impact on our existing and new customers across Canada.

Are you an experienced restoration contractor who provides water and fire damage restoration services?

We have a formal application and due diligence process. As a member of EMRG Group there are also many additional benefits.

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Have you ever...

Felt as if you operate in a “vacuum”?

Wished you could bounce ideas or issues off a group of peers for objective input without being judged?

Wanted access to experienced coaches who understand the challenges of growing and leading a business with all the other demands we face?

Needed a group to help hold you accountable so you can achieve the goals you have set?

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